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10 Ways To Not Be Totally Undateable

This is the hottest time of year to sign up for online dating, so Cassie’s got some tips that’ll stop you from being undateable. These are AUTOMATIC turn-offs, so listen up if you...
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We're Taking A Shot For Every Time Someone Cries On "The Bachelor"

The 20th season of “The Bachelor” is back, and we’ve chosen who we think is gonna win Bachelor Ben Higgins’ heart , but now it’s time for a new Bert Show...
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Bert Has Some Advice For Anyone Going Through A Divorce

Divorce skyrockets in January , and because Bert recently went through it – and didn’t ask for help when he had a lot of people to lean on and he probably should have – he...
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This Magazine Is Trying To Change How They Talk About Women's Bodies

Women hear about how their bodies should look every day from everywhere: from TV, movies and magazines to Twitter, Instagram, ads – the onslaught is never ending. The stats on women...
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Meet Our Newest Bert Show Family Member, Brian!

We’ve got a new Bert Show family member – meet Brian Moote!   What’s up y’all? Do I sound Southern? I am really trying to right now… I...
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Justin Bieber Gets Raw With Us

It doesn’t matter if you’re a ‪‎Belieber‬ or the furthest thing from it, Justin Bieber is about to win you over. We sat down in a super open, raw and honest interview...
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Food Porn: The Holiday Edition

It all started when Cassie went on a REALLY strict diet, and to help her cut back on real life cheat days, we have our traffic guy with an AMAZINGLY sexy voice, Christian, describe food in...
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If You're A Woman And You're Not Feeling Heard, Read This

If you’re a woman, but you’re not feeling heard…or you’re scared to use your voice, you need to read this article from former Secretary of State, Madeleine Albright....
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Why Parents Are SO Uncool

The Telegraph has the 30 things that parents do that make them SO uncool…and some Bert Show junior listeners have their own criteria:     1. Not knowing what...
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The 10 Best TV Shows of 2015

E! News just released their Top 10 Shows of 2015, and unsurprisingly, “Game of Thrones” is #1. Here’s the list : 1.  “Game of Thrones” 2. ...
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